Painting Restoration


Below you can read about our various types of painting restoration services. We provide our painting restoration services to a variety of businesses, churches, museums and so much more for the areas around Erie, PA; Buffalo & Rochester, NY!


For three generations, Swiatek Studios Inc has been providing high-end decorative painting and restoration for churches, theaters, museums, and homeowners all over the region. We understand the importance of considering the individual needs of every project, from minor repairs that can be completed in a day, to more complex projects that could take years to finish. No matter how big your project is, our team will work to make all of your visions a reality. Call us for an estimate on your project today!


Our staff is well versed in faux finishes and can skillfully replicate the look of aged plaster, distressed or stained paint, wood, and all types of stone including granite and marble. The look of a faux finish will bring new life to your interior space and can be painted on nearly any surface. Our team offers all sorts of faux finishes, such as rare marble and exotic wood. These finishes are offered at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


Faux painting from Swiatek Studios Inc is an art. It combines the dedication and thoroughness of an expert workman with the vision, skill, and attention to detail of a masterful painter. That’s why so many people in Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and beyond choose Swiatek Studios Inc for their faux painting needs.

Faux painting entails replicating the aesthetic of another material through decorative painting and finishing techniques. Everything from wood grain and marble to the illusion of depth can be created by our professional painters.


The conservation process is focused on the preservation of an item that may need care due to atmospheric pollution, discolored varnish, tobacco smoke, soot, flaking pigments, or simple deterioration over time. Swiatek Studios Inc recognizes the need for the proper cleaning and care of your artistic items and will provide the highest level of professional skill and service, while respecting the integrity of your artwork. Our professionals will determine the extent of surface damage and will begin the process by cleaning the item to remove grime, dirt, and other build-up. Then we carefully remove the old yellowed varnish to expose the true colors and vibrancy of your artwork. All of these conditions can be restored using non-destructive methods and reversible materials and techniques.


Our talented artists can design, conserve, replicate, or restore damaged and aged murals and works of art for all ecclesiastical, commercial, and residential project needs. Our staff is well trained in mural replication and design, as well as the use of conservation methods to preserve original work, which may have been painted over, damaged, or aged by rainwater, smoke, dirt, or plaster damage. Our skilled team is well versed in the application of murals, which can help bring a new look to your interior space.


Emphasize any room, column, or surface with faux marble to create a dramatic accent and elegant interior design. Our team uses a process of layering tinted transparent glaze over a base coat to create distinctive veining, patterns, and textures unique to each marble finish.


Swiatek Studios Inc can accent walls, ceilings, or doorways with a technique that involves extremely realistic imagery to create illusions of three-dimensional paintings, woodwork, carved surfaces, or shelves. This technique utilizes light, shadows, and texture to “trick the eye.”

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